18th Molecular Medicine Day - 20 February 2014

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To: Those who are interested in the Molecular Medicine Day (members and non-members).
Registration for the Molecular Medicine Day

Dear Colleagues,

The 18th Molecular Medicine Day will be held on Thursday 20th of February 2014. It will be, as usual, at Congress Centre Engels [nearby Rotterdam Central Station - www.engels.nl].

For those of you not familiar with the concept: the MolMed Day is a one full day event for all members of the school, socializing and covering the different fields of research of the school. Selected speakers (PhD-students and the occasional Postdoc) will give short oral presentations on their own research. And there will be posters put up by PhD-students and postdocs about their own research.
It is a very good opportunity to get to know people outside your own department and to get an overview of the scope of research performed within the school. Lunch and dinner are included as well.

This year's keynote speaker is: Prof.dr. Ari Melnick, MD., Professor of Medicine; Professor of Hematology / Oncology; Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, USA
Ari Melnick is Associate Professor at the Weill Cornell Medical College, Director of the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Center for Biomedical and Physical Sciences, Director of the Internal Medicine Research Residency, and Director of the WCMC Epigenomics Core Facility.
Dr. Melnick' research interests are focused on transcriptional and epigenetic regulation in hematology malignancies. His group also developed novel therapies to correct aberrant transcriptional regulation in these tumors.
Dr. Melnick is a past ASH Faculty Scholar, Kimmel Foundation Scholar and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and is currently a Burroughs Wellcome Clinical Translational Scientist. In addition to biomedical research, Dr. Melnick has a strong interest in mentoring and career development of physician scientist and scientific trainees.
The title of his presentation is forthcoming.

Hereby we invite all PhD-students, Postdocs and Research Technicians from the Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine, to register for this day and to submit an abstract for either a poster or an oral presentation. As always we try to show the variety of research topics of the School during both oral and poster presentations.

Deadline abstract submission
Your abstract can only be submitted via this website: https://www.molmed.nl. The deadline for abstract deadline for abstract submission is: 10 January 2014, 09:00 am
From all the submitted abstracts, 14 will be selected for oral presentation of which approx. 10 will be from PhD students and 4 from Postdocs and Research Technicians.

Deadline registration without abstract
Registrations without abstract can be done until 13 February 2014, 09:00 am, and only via this website: https://www.molmed.nl.

Please read the below-mentioned carefully before submitting your abstract!


  • Abstracts should contain a maximum of 3000 characters for the whole text including all the spaces (which is about 450 words). We use a standard abstract format of four paragraphs with separate headings.
  • Please only insert text, NO HEADINGS, because these are made automatically.
  • Do NOT USE hard returns at the end of the lines.
  • Your TITLE in CAPITAL LETTERS should give a clear indication of the research and refer to the actual content of the abstract.
  • Avoid non-standard abbreviations in the title.
  • Please indicate a suitable topic for your abstract (i.e. infectious diseases, immunology etc.)
  • If you use any non-standard text in your abstract (e.g. Greek alphabet, symbols or superscript), please notify us per email as well (to: molmed@erasmusmc.nl).

ADDITIONAL: Authors/affiliations/headings/keywords/research themes

  • For each author of your abstract, type the first name followed by his or her initials and surname. Underline the name of the presenting author. Use a new line to specify the name of the department(s) and institute(s) of the various authors.
  • The abstract content has a maximum of 3000 characters including spaces. For the abstract content, use the four headings of the format on the website: (1) Introduction; (2) Materials & methods; (3) Results; (4) Discussion & conclusion. Add 5 keywords at the end.
  • Indicate which sub-theme of the Molecular Medicine School suits best the research, based on the four main themes of the school:
      • Endocrinology & Aging;
      • Hematopoiesis, Lymphopoiesis & immune regulation;
      • Solid tumors;
      • Infections & host responses.
  • Indicate whether you are a PhD student, Postdoc, Research technician, etc.
  • Indicate at the bottom of your abstract whether you prefer an oral or a poster presentation, and if you will allow us to publish your abstract on the website of the school as well.

Registration with abstract
PLEASE NOTE THAT REGISTRATION AND SUBMISSION OF AN ABSTRACT MUST BE DONE AT THE SAME TIME. If you registered first without an abstract, and you want to submit an abstract later, YOU WILL HAVE TO REGISTER AGAIN ENTIRELY BUT THIS TIME WITH YOUR ABSTRACT. We will then need to cancel your first registration without the abstract. So, please try to avoid this!

PREPARATION OF THE POSTER: (Please read this carefully!)

  • Write your poster in English.
  • The poster size should be A-0 (118,90x84,10 cm if possible no landscape).
  • We will plan a poster walk with poster presentations by everyone who has a poster. Please be present during this poster walk to present your poster and the underlying research.

The board of the MolMed school awards 5 prizes for presentations:

  • one of €1.000 for the best oral, and
  • four of €500 each for the best poster presentation.

If you may have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us.
Otherwise, we hope to see you all at Congress Centre Engels!

With best regards,
The Molecular Medicine Day Organising Committee

To be reached at:
Room Ae-4.13
PO Box 2040
3000 CA Rotterdam
Tel.: 010-70 38053

Frank van Vliet
Managing Director Molecular Medicine