Erasmus MC only: Basic Statistical Courses

Location: Erasmus MC

At the Erasmus MC the following general statistical courses are offered to all PhD-students. 

These course are recommended, not to say required, and are free for participation, if followed successfully.


The course Biostatistical Methods I: Basic principles (CC02) covers the fundamental basics of statistics. Depending on the research field you are working in, you may choose between:

--> the short version (part A: 2 ECTS), especially for fundamental researchers. Part A will be given during spring each year. There may be a few places available in autumn as well. If so, this will be announced via e-mail a couple of months before;

--> the complete course (part A + part B: 5.7 ECTS), especially for clinical researchers and epidemiologists, given during autumn each year.

This course and extension are organized by the Postgraduate School Nihes.


Followed by one of the following practical hands-on courses: the Basic introduction course on SPSS (1 ECTS) or the Course on R (1.4 ECTS).

SPSS and R are statistical programs used for analysis. Based on your research field, you can choose either the SSPS or the R course. These two practical courses are organized by the Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine.


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