Basic Human Genetics course: Genetics for Dummies

Course date: 13 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Location: Erasmus MC, Ae-406

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Fuelled by successful applications of Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) and High Throughput (HT) Sequencing in various disease areas, this course is meant to give some introductory background for people wanting to start or become involved in such studies, or just want to know what it is all about. Mostly, these will be people who are specialized in the diseases and/or traits of interest, but do not have the necessary genetic background knowledge.

It will explain the basic concepts in human genetics, and more in particular “Complex Genetics”. This is the scientific discipline that studies the role of genetic variation in common complex diseases (such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.) and traits (such as blood pressure, BMD, glucose level, height, cholesterol level, etc.).


Target audience
The target audience includes -but is not limited to- Master of Science students, technicians, PhD students, post-docs, assistant/associate/full professors with an interest in genetic studies. These may come from various disciplines and from a clinical, basic/biological, epidemiological or public health background. 

Students who have followed the Nihes Summer Course (master Health Science and related courses) ESP57 (“Genomics in Molecular Medicine”) do not have to follow this course because the contents are similar. The course is compulsory for Research master students I&I. 

This short course is also very useful connected with the more advanced MolMed “SNP course” which covers a much wider and deeper range of topics in this rapidly evolving field. 

The total number of participants is limited to 75.


Course fees

The attendance fee of the course is €350, but certain participants can get a discount. See program for details. 



In “Genetics for Dummies” five experienced lecturers from Erasmus MC will introduce you to basic concepts in complex genetics, laboratory techniques, and statistical analytical issues. The program is built on four half days, each of which is covered by one speaker. After every talk, much time is reserved for Questions and Answers, to get interactivity with the participants.


Basic knowledge, background literature

Basic knowledge of (molecular) biology is expected from the participants.
Background literature on the topic can be found in:


- “Genetics for Dummies” (2nd edition, T.R. Robinson, Wiley Publishing, Inc.; ISBN 978-0-470-55174-5)

- "Molecular Biology of the Cell" (5th ed.; editors: Alberts et al.; published by Garland Sciences; ISBN 978-0-8153-4111-6 );

- "Human Molecular Genetics" (4th ed.; editors Tom Strachan& Andrew Reed. ISBN 0-471-33061-2; published by Garland Sciences; £40,-).


At the start of the course a reader will be issued.


Course organizers 

Dr. Robert Kraaij, Dept Internal Medicine, Erasmus MC

Dr. Joyce van Meurs, Dept Internal Medicine, Erasmus MC

Dr. Fernando Rivadeneira, Dept Internal Medicine, Erasmus MC

Prof. Dr André Uitterlinden, Dept Internal Medicine, Erasmus MC

Dr. Annemieke Verkerk, Dept Internal Medicine, Erasmus MC

Dr. Frank van Vliet, Postgraduate School MolMed

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