Minisymposium B or T Cells in Auto-immune Disease: Who are the bad guys?

Course date: 02 December 2013 - 02 December 2013
Location: Erasmus MC, Sp3417

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13:30   Opening by Erik Lubberts Erasmus MC

13:35‐14:10   Wayel Abdulahad UMCG Groningen
T cells, B cells and therapies in systemic autoimmune disease

14:10‐14:50   Jay Kolls University of Pittsburgh, USA
Th17 cells: good and evil

14:50‐15:10   Odilia Corneth Erasmus MC Rotterdam
Th17 cytokines in control of B lymphocytes in autoimmunity

15:10 15:40   Break

15:40‐16:20   Lars Nitschke University of Erlangen, Germany
CD22 and Siglec‐G controlling B cell signaling and autoimmunity

16:20‐17:00   Marc Schmidt‐Supprian ‐ Max Plank Institute of Biochemistry Martinsried, Germany
Loss of A20 function in B cell physiology and pathology

17:00‐17:20   Laurens Kil Erasmus MC Rotterdam
Btk in autoimmunity: too much of a good thing

17:20   Closure by Rudi Hendriks Erasmus MC Rotterdam

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