Virology Course and Symposium

Course date: 30 June 2014 - 02 July 2014
Location: Erasmus MC, Ae-406 & WTC

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The Erasmus Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine has two main activities: (1) the organization of education for postgraduate students; and (2) the stimulation of cooperation between several departments with regards to translational research.


The Course on Virology is since 2012 organized jointly by the Virology department and the Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine.


This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of fundamental and translational virus research.



The course in virology is organised for PhD students, post-docs and medical microbiologists



During the course, national and international experts in the field of virology will present seminars. Relevant literature will be made available at the start of the course.

See attached program for more information.


The topics covered in the course are:

Principles of Virology

Plant virology

Human viruses

Invertebrate virology

Virus Host interactions

Genetic modifcation of viruses

Pathogenesis of virus infections

Antiviral treatment

Virus infections and mathematical modelling


ECTS for students

Full participation is 1,0 ECTS.


Accreditation points for MDs

The NVMM and the WMDI both give 18 Accreditation points for full participation. Don't forget to mention your BIG-no.


Special Symposium
The last day of the course is the Symposium: 'Virology in the last 4 decades: Breakthroughs and Benefits'.

Course venue

The course venue on the 1st and 2nd course day is the Erasmus MC, Room Ae 406.

The Symposium on the 3rd course day is organzed at the World Trade Center (WTC), in Rotterdam.


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Guus Rimmelzwaan, Frank van Vliet, Marion Koopmans and Ab Osterhaus.

For information please contact: Maria Silva (phone 010-7044067, email:


Registration fee
The subscription fee of non-commercial participants for the Course is 600. Discounts are handled as followed:

  • PhD students get a discount of 50% and pay 300.
  • Only participants from the postgraduate school MolMed get a discount of 100% and pay 0.
  • Other Erasmus MC participants, like Nihes and MGC members and master students from elsewhere get a discount of 50% and pay 300.
  • Master students from elsewhere who pay the fee from their personal budget get a discount of 75% and pay 200.

If these financial requirements pose a problem but you wish to attend the Course, please contact Frank van Vliet, managing director of the Erasmus Postgraduate School Mol Med, at:


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