Course on Molecular Diagnostics IX

Course date: 09 September 2014 - 10 September 2014
Location: Erasmus MC, Ae-406

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Course Molecular Diagnostics VIII

Tuesday & Wednesday 9 & 10 September 2014

Erasmus MC. (click here for maps of the Erasmus MC.)

The Erasmus Medical Center houses many different molecular diagnostic techniques, which are subject to continuous research and are developed based on their practical applications. These applications are based on all areas of the healthcare, such as Clinical Genetics, Infectious Diseases, Complex Diseases, Forensic Science, and a broad spectrum of oncological adaptations.
This course is a yearly updated version of the first issues organized from 2007 on.
On Tuesday evening, we offer participants and speakers a dinner in Restaurant Indonesia.

This course will bring the state-of-the-art of these areas of the Molecular Diagnostics, and is meant for translational researchers as well as doctors and medical specialists operating outside of their initial field of research. But also PhD-students and technicians are welcome.
The maximum amount of participants is 70.

The course starts with 3 presentations on basic molecular techniques:

  • PCR and real-time, quantitative PCR;
  • DNA sequencing; basic technologies;
  • Next generation Sequencing (NGS);

Followed by 1,5 day on the applications in various fields.

Dinner for all participants and speakers
On Tuesday evening there is a nice dinner for all speakers and participants at Restaurant Indonesia in Rotterdam Centre. This dinner is offered by the organizers and free of charge. Registration for this dinner can be done on site.

Course Book
For this course, a book on Molecular Diagnostics has been written by most of the teachers of this course (Edited by Dr. W. van Leeuwen and dr. C. Vink; IVA editors, 2009). This book is advised for the course and can be bought at the start of the course for the reduced price of €45 (the normal price is €65,45). Please inform us beforehand if you wish to do so.
Apart from this book no course material will be provided.

Full participation in this course is 1,0 ECTS

Attendance fees

The subscription fee of non-commercial participants for the Course is €400 (excl. course book). Discounts are handled as followed:

  • All PhD students, and Master of Science students get 50% discount and pay €200,00 + €45 for the book upon arrival;
  • All participants from the postgraduate school MolMed get a discount of 100% and pay € 0 + €45 for the book upon arrival.

PAYMENT: MGC Notification

The Erasmus/LUMC Research School MGC has made a selection of courses it deems fit for its members. This course is not one of them.

Therefore, the Erasmus/LUMC Research School MGC will not pay for its members to participate in this course. All MGC-members will need to pay themselves (or from personal budget) after receiving an invoice (please provide personal address) or will have their research departments pay for them (in that case, please provide ‘kostenplaatsnummer’ of the research group). To see if you are an MGC-member, here you can find an overview of all MGC research groups:

Organising committee

Dr. Wilfred van IJcken, Biomics Core Facility
Dr. Ton Langerak, Dept. of Immunology
Dr. Willem van Leeuwen, Molecular Microbiologist Lector Innovatieve Moleculaire Diagnostiek, cluster Techniek Hogeschool Leiden TopLab & Dept. of Microbiology, Erasmus MC
Dr. Martin Schutten, Dept. of Virology
Dr. Peter Valk, Dept. of Hematology
Dr. Frank van Vliet, managing director Postgraduate School MolMed


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General information
Financial regulation of the Postgraduate School Molmed

From August 1st, 2012 the following financial rules apply:

Non-commercial course, symposium or workshop fee: €200/day, €750/week

• Participants of the postgraduate school MolMed: discount of 100%.
• Other Erasmus MC participants, e.g. of MGC, COEUR, NIHES: discount of 50%.
• PhD students and Master’s students, regardless of institution: discount of 50%.
• Master’s students who are paying the fee from their personal budget: discount of 75%.

There is one fee for the entire course. There is no reduction for partial participation.

The SPSS Course and the R Course have shorter course days. The SPSS Course counts as a 2-days course and the R Course as a 3-days course.

Commercial participants & sponsors: companies are invited to inquire about commercial participant tuition fees and about sponsoring.

Those who register for a course, symposium or workshop agree with these financial conditions.

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