Ensembl Workshop XI

Course date: 22 January 2015 - 23 January 2015
Location: Erasmus MC, COO-6

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Ensembl Workshop

This two-day workshop offers participants the possibility of gaining lots of hands-on experience in the use of the Ensembl genome browser, and provides them with the necessary background information.

The workshop is primarily targeted at wetlab researchers.

Giulietta Spudich from EMBL's European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) will give this workshop, together with members of the Ensembl Comparative Genomics and Ensembl Variation teams.

The Ensembl project (see at: http://www.ensembl.org) provides a comprehensive and integrated source of annotation of, mainly vertebrate, genome sequences. Access to genes, sequences, homologues, SNPs and other short sequence variation, and potential gene regulation regions will be covered in this course.

Most modules consist of a presentation, followed by the opportunity to do exercises. Participants are encouraged to bring problems/questions about their research to try to tackle these during the workshop using Ensembl.

Participation is limited to 24 participants due to the nature of the workshop.

The only prerequisite for this workshop is general knowledge of molecular biology / genomics and a familiarity with web browsers.

Survey for participants!

After registration, please fill in this survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/EnsemblErasmus2015
It helps EBI customize the course to meet people's interests.

Program, location, time schedule
A detailed program will be made available soon.

Registration fee
The subscription fee of non-commercial participants for this course is € 350.

Discounts are handled as follows:

  • All PhD students get a discount of 50% and pay €175.
  • All participants from the postgraduate school MolMed receive a discount of 100% and pay €0.
  • All Participants from the postgraduate school MGC at the Erasmus MC receive a discount of 100% and pay €0. MGC will pay for your participation.
  • Other Erasmus MC participants, like NIHES members, and master students from elsewhere get a discount of 50% and pay €175.
  • Master students from elsewhere who pay the fee from their personal budget get a discount of 75% and pay €87,50.

General information
Financial regulation of the Postgraduate School Molmed

From August 1st, 2012 the following financial guidelines are applied in general, but they may differ per course still, look at the course fee of each course to be sure which discounts are really applied:

Non-commercial course, symposium or workshop fee: €200/day, €750/week

• Participants of the postgraduate school MolMed: discount of 100%.
• Other Erasmus MC participants, e.g. of MGC, COEUR, NIHES: discount of 50%.
• PhD students and Master’s students, regardless of institution: discount of 50%.
• Master’s students who are paying the fee from their personal budget: discount of 75%.

There is one fee for the entire course. There is no reduction for partial participation.

The SPSS Course and the R Course have shorter course days. The SPSS Course counts as a 2-days course and the R Course as a 3-days course.

Commercial participants & sponsors: companies are invited to inquire about commercial participant tuition fees and about sponsoring.

Those who register for a course, symposium or workshop agree with these financial conditions.


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