Fifth Josephine Nefkens Prize ceremony

Course date: 28 November 2014 - 28 November 2014
Location: City Hall, Rotterdam

On 28 November, Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb will present the fifth Josephine Nefkens Prize at the Burgerzaal of the City Hall of Rotterdam. The winner of the prize will be made public on the day of the awards ceremony.


Prior to the ceremony a symposium will be held in which four prominent scientists will give presentations related to the research field of the prize winner. The speakers of the symposium are:


- Adriaan Houtsmuller, Head Optical Imaging Centre Erasmus MC

- Alexander van Oudenaarden, Director Hubrecht Institute

- Stefan Sleijfer, Head of Internal Oncology, Erasmus MC

- Hans Clevers, president KNAW


The language of the symposium will be English, the awarding of the prize will be in Dutch.


The program will start at 12:00hrs with a light lunch and will end at 18:00hrs.


Participation in the symposium and attending the ceremony is free of charge . However, we kindly ask you to register via


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