Internal (Erasmus MC) Course: A broad spectrum of NGS Applications in Molecular Medicine

Course date: 12 May 2015 - 13 May 2015
Location: Erasmus MC, Ae-406

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Next generation sequencing (NGS) has taken an enormous flight with many applications and different platforms. Also in the Erasmus MC, many NGS has been implemented in research projects and new diagnostic strategies.



The MolMed graduate school aims to organize a course around NGS with the main goal to introduce its members to the technique, and especially to the types of platforms and the potential applications in research and diagnostics. End goals: to exchange knowledge and to raise awareness between all participants.


Target population

PhD students, postdocs, senior scientists, including clinical researchers from Erasmus MC. It will not be a hands-on course, but a showcase of scientists with mutual exchange of information and experience as much as possible. Content will contain all possible applications: Insights into who is doing what? What is possible, how does it work, do’s and don’ts, interpretation of data; both for basic researchers and clinical researchers


NBIC course

An annual NBIC course on NGS is already organized by multiple partners that provides background and hands-on analysis training in late August. For the second time, we offer this short (2 day) introduction course in Spring 2015 containing:


I.             Introduction to NGS and the different platforms

II.           Introduction to data handling

III.          Overview of applications in basic research

IV.          Overview of applications in malignancies

V.            Overview of applications in applied research

VI.          Overview of applications and cautions for implementing NGS in diagnostics



To achieve the aim, the course will consist of various lectures from different researchers in the school. In addition, during lunch and/or at the end of the day, time will be reserved for speed date sessions (including presenters and participants).

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