Microscopic Image Analysis: From Theory to Practice

Course date: 24 January 2017 - 25 January 2017
Location: Erasmus MC, Ae-4.06 e.a.

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Microscopic images contain much more information than normally is retrieved. Especially time-lapse image data contains a wealth of information. Extracting this information by visual inspection and manual measurement is not only cumbersome but also subjective. Automation of image analysis tasks by using a computer and the right software tools allows for higher efficiency, accuracy, objectivity, reproducibility, and completeness.

During this course, the participant will 1) obtain a deeper theoretical understanding of image analysis methods, and 2) obtain practical experience with image analysis software tools (in particular ImageJ) and learn how to use them intelligently, on their own computer.


The course is intended for PhD students and Postdocs who would like to deepen their understanding of image analysis methods and learn how to use them. No prior knowledge of image processing is required. The maximum amount of participants is 30.


Attached you find an old program to give you an impression of the course.

This course is 0,8 ECTS.


Participants should bring their own (!!!) laptop computer to the course
for the practical exercises. Software and sample image data will be provided during the course (USB stick). No prior knowledge of image processing is required.


Dr. Erik Meijering (Medical Informatics and Radiology)
Dr. Gert van Cappellen (Optical Imaging Centre)

Dr. Ihor Smal (Medical Informatics and Radiology)
Dr. Gert-Jan Kremers (Optical Imaging Centre)


Attendance fees

The subscription fee of non-commercial participants for this course is € 400.

Discounts are handled as follows:


  • All participants from the postgraduate school MolMed receive a discount of 100% and pay €0.
  • Other PhD and MSc students get a discount of 50% and pay €200.
  • All other participants (postdocs, PIs, etc) pay the full fee.
  • Other Erasmus MC participants, like NIHES members, and master students from elsewhere get a discount of 50% and pay €200.
  • Master students from elsewhere who pay the fee from their personal budget get a discount of 75% and pay €100.

(For MGC participants: please note that while you are not charged now for the course, the MGC does pay for your participation afterwards).

If these financial requirements pose a problem but you wish to attend the Course, please contact Frank van Vliet, managing director of the Erasmus Postgraduate School Mol Med, at: f.vanvliet@erasmusmc.nl.



General information

Financial regulation of the Postgraduate School Molmed

These are general regulations.The fee may differ per course. See the course details for the most up-to-date course fee.

From August 1st, 2012 the following financial rules apply:


Non-commercial course, symposium or workshop fee: €200/day, €750/week

  • Participants of the postgraduate school MolMed: discount of 100%.
  • Other Erasmus MC participants, e.g. of MGC, COEUR, NIHES: discount of 50%.
  • PhD students and Masterís students, regardless of institution: discount of 50%.
  • Masterís students who are paying the fee from their personal budget: discount of 75%.

There is one fee for the entire course. There is no reduction for partial participation.

The SPSS Course and the R Course have shorter course days. The SPSS Course counts as a 2-days course and the R Course as a 3-days course.


Commercial participants & sponsors: companies are invited to inquire about commercial participant tuition fees and about sponsoring.


Those who register for a course, symposium or workshop agree with these financial conditions.


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