CANCELLED Workshop Indesign CS6 for Phd-students and other researchers

Course date: 12 October 2016 - 12 October 2016
Location: Erasmus MC, Ee 15.28

This course (12 October) has been cancelled, unfortunately 

Workshop on InDesign CS5 for PhD-students and other researchers
Hands-on workshop of half a day from 9.30 - 13.00 hours.

The Erasmus Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine (MolMed) has two main activities: (1) the organization of education for PhD students; and (2) the stimulation of cooperation between several departments with regards to translational research.

The Postgraduate School Molecular Medicine will organize, in addition to its Workshop on Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Illustrator CS5, a half-day Workshop on Adobe Indesign CS5.
Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator lead up to working in Indesign, which incorporates files of these programs and will let you make high-class posters.
It will also touch upon elements of laying out your own thesis with Indesign, including the graphs, tables, etc.
Part of this Workshop will deal with Adobe Acrobat, where you will learn to fine-tune pdfs, by adding links and bookmarks.

This Workshop is for all PhD-students and senior researchers who are capable of working with Photoshop and Illustrator and/or have followed the MolMed Photoshop Workshop. Without basic knowledge of these programs, participation is pointless.

Time & location
9.30 – 13.00; with a small coffee break.
Location: Computer room Ee-15.28, Bioinformatics dept., Erasmus MC, Medical Faculty, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
For handy maps and directions, please go to our homepage and click top with the right mouse button on ’route/maps/hotels’.

Attendance fees
The registration fee of non-commercial participants for the Workshop is € 125,00.
All participants from the MolMed receive a discount of 50 % and need to pay € 62,50.
PhD students and MSc-students from other schools receive a discount of 50 % and pay € 62,50.

MolMed fees for Photoshop, Indesign and Research management course (change in regulations!)
Per November 2014 the course Research Management and the Workshops on the Adobe programs Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are no longer free for MolMed-members.
Due to the high costs of these courses (expensive, external teachers etc.) and because of the fact that these topics are not considered essential elements of the scientific PhD-track, the board of the school has decided to no longer offer these courses for free to MolMed-members.
The fee for these courses can be paid for example from your Erasmus MC ‘Persoonlijk Budget’, in which case you will need an invoice on your own name. The ‘Persoonlijk Budget’ is meant for this kind of courses. The invoice for these courses can also be paid by your PI, by yourself or from the budget of the project you work under (in that case, provide your 'kostenplaats' no.).
This exception only applies to these courses. All other courses are still free for MolMed-members.

MGC registration fee
Members from the research school MGC will also need to pay for this course themselves. This can be done via the Persoonlijk Budget which means that you need to provide us your personal address details for the invoice. However MGC does not pay for your participation in this workshop.

Attendance fees - MGC-regulations
The MGC School told us that they will not pay for this course. So we are sorry, but you need to pay this course by yourselves. But the fee can be reimbursed from your personal budget, in which case we will send you an invoice set in your own name. The Dept. Head has to sign for the reimbursement and you will get the money back.
When you have any questions, or difficulties with this regulations, please contact us a.s.a.p.

General information
Financial regulation of the Postgraduate School Molmed

From August 1st, 2012 the following financial guidelines are applied in general, but they may differ per course still, look at the course fee of each course to be sure whch discounts are really applied:

Non-commercial course, symposium or workshop fee: €200/day, €750/week

• Participants of the postgraduate school MolMed: discount of 100%.
• PhD students and Master’s students, regardless of institution: discount of 50%.
• Master’s students who are paying the fee from their personal budget: discount of 75%.

There is one fee for the entire course. There is no reduction for partial participation.

The SPSS Course and the R Course have shorter course days. The SPSS Course counts as a 2-days course and the R Course as a 3-days course.

Commercial participants & sponsors: companies are invited to inquire about commercial participant tuition fees and about sponsoring.

Those who register for a course, symposium or workshop agree with these financial conditions.


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