Biomedical English Writing Course for MSc and PhD-students

Course date: 13 September 2016 - 08 November 2016
Location: Erasmus MC, OWR

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Biomedical English Writing Course

This short English writing course of four half days is organised by MolMed and starts on Tuesday 13 September, 2016 

Audience and participation
This course is intended for MSc students and PhD-students from the Erasmus MC.
Places will be given on ‘first come, first serve’ basis'.

There is place for 12 participants in this course.

Eligibility for the course
Participants should ensure that they have time to prepare the various sections of a scientific paper or a lab work report, or to revise an already available manuscript. If your work has not advanced to this point, you should participate in a later course.

Full participation is 2,0 ECTS.

Dates, time and location
- Tuesday 13 September, 2016 from 13:30-16:30 hours - Location: OWR-10
- Tuesday 4 October, 2016 from 13:30-16:30 hours - Location: Ae-3.27
- Tuesday 25 October, 2016 from 13:30-16:30 hours - Location:  OWR-36
- Tuesday 8 November, 2016 from 13:30-16:30 hours - Location: Colloquiumzaal F1 (Ec-342)

See here for convenient maps:

Ko Hagoort (Erasmus MC, Sophia)

Registration fee
Registration of this course is free for participants from the Postgraduate School MolMed.
Other (non-commercial) participants need to pay €400,00.
PhD-students and MSc-students (also coming from outside the Erasmus MC), receive a 50% discount and will be charged: €200,00.

General information
Financial regulation of the Postgraduate School Molmed

From August 1st, 2012 the following financial rules apply:

Non-commercial course, symposium or workshop fee: €200/day, €750/week

• Participants of the postgraduate school MolMed: discount of 100%.
• PhD students and Master’s students, regardless of institution: discount of 50%.
• Master’s students who are paying the fee from their personal budget: discount of 75%. When you will pay from your personal budget you need to provide us your home address details for the invoice

There is one fee for the entire course. There is no reduction for partial participation.

The SPSS Course and the R Course have shorter course days. The SPSS Course counts as a 2-days course and the R Course as a 3-days course.

Commercial participants & sponsors: companies are invited to inquire about commercial participant tuition fees and about sponsoring.

Those who register for a course, symposium or workshop agree with these financial conditions.




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