Partek Training: tools for Methylation analysis, including NGS analysis

Course date: 06 February 2018 - 07 February 2018
Location: Erasmus MC, Ee 15.28

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Hands-on two-day course in a computer room at the Erasmus MC.

The workshop is an introductory level course intended for those with novice or intermediate skills in the subject matter


Ivan Lukic, PhD

Alison Hargreaves, PhD

Registration fee

Thanks to Partek this course, including lunch, will be free of charge for all participants. 

Detailed program

Start 9:30 - 16:30 hours
Morning break: 10;45 - 11:00 hours
Lunch: 12:30 - 13:00 hours
Afternoon break: 14:30 - 15:00 hours

Tuesday, 6 February: Microarray Analysis

Day 1 6thFebruary 

Analysis of NGS Data with Partek® Flow®

1.       Single-cell RNA-Seq Analysis (live demo)

2.       RNA-Seq Analysis (hands on)

a.       Data import and annotation

b.      QA/QC for NGS data

c.       Trimming and alignment

d.      Quantification

e.      Exploratory data analysis - Principle Components Analysis

f.        Differential expression analysis, Introduction to Gene Specific Analysis

g.       Visualizations of RNA-Seq data: Dot Plots, Chromosome Viewer and Hierarchical Clustering

h.      Biological Interpretation with Gene Ontology Analysis

i.        Save and Automate your analysis pipeline

3.       DNA-Seq Analysis (hands on)

a.       Alignment

b.      Variant calling

c.       Variant filtering and prioritization of variants

d.      Visualizing variants


Day 2 7th February

Analysis of Microarray Data with Partek®Genomics Suite®

1.       Gene Expression Analysis - Basic Session (hands on)

a.       Data import

b.      QA/QC

c.       Exploratory data analysis

d.      Differential expression analysis

e.      Data visualisations: volcano plot, heat map, Venn diagram

f.        Pathway analysis

2.       Methylation Analysis and Integration with Gene Expression Advanced Session (hands on)

a.       QA/QC

b.      Annotating data

c.       Exploratory analysis

d.      Differential methylation analysis

e.      Methylation signatures

f.        Biological interpretation: detecting methylation targets


g.       Integration of methylation data with gene expression data


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