Introduction in Graph Pad Prism

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GraphPad Prism VS. 8 (and Vs.7)

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GraphPad Prism Theory Slides

GraphPad Prism Course Content, Data sets

 After the basic statistics theory session, you should be able to:
•Understand basic statistical concepts and methods for statistical analysis of life sciences data
•Interpret and critically assess the results of basic statistical analyses

The theory in Prism:
•What Prism is, where to find more information, how to install and use it
•How to use Prism to handle data: reading data
•How to use Prism to create graphics
•How to use basic statistical techniques in Prism: mean, variance, confidence intervals, correlations, hypothesis testing...

This training gives an introduction to the use of statistics for basic analyses of life sciences data. The theoretical background will be applied in a hands-on session on real-life data using the statistical software GraphPad Prism. GraphPad Prism combines scientific graphing, curve fitting (nonlinear regression), statistics and data organization.

Please note that we will make use of version 8.0 during this course.


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