Workshop presenting skills for PhD students and Post Docs

Location: Erasmus MC

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Workshop on presenting skills  

The workshop will  take three half days, with 2 weeks in between each session, and covers different aspects of presenting, including use of PowerPoint, posture, voice and connecting with your audience. The ‘format’ of this workshop is that you will be taught by 3 different teachers: an English teacher, a scientist and an pedagogic. Each of them has his/her own aspects to give attention to. We work with small groups (5/8 per group) so there is ample time for your presentation and to evaluate it in the group.

Also, you will learn from your fellow students. They will see how you improve your presentation during the 3 sessions, which will work as an extra stimulus! Therefore, you are asked to register for one group, if you are available on the indicated days. You can change the group when it’s necessary, but better is to stay in the same group during all sessions.

The organization  of the workshop is as follows. We expect that you prepare a presentation which you will give during the first session, and then improve, enlarge and give again during the second and third session. This can be a presentation that you already gave.

-Session 1 is dedicated your use of the English language and slides. You prepare your presentation and send it at last 1 week before the session to the English teacher, Joy Burrough ( She will give her comments on your slides, which you can improve during the days before this session. During this first session, you give a presentation and you will learn how to optimize the language and the slides you use in your presentation.

-Session 2 is chaired by a scientist, who gives attention to the scientific aspects of your presentation. This may be the same one as during the first session, but improved with all you learned before. The involved scientists, Guido Jenster, Ricardo Fodde (and others) are very experienced teachers who are among the best we have in our school! May be they will give a short presentation themselves, as well, as an example.

-Session 3 is given by Adriaan van ‘t Spijker, a psychologic and didactic. He will learn you more about how to teach. He will use a camera to record your presentation. So you will see and hear yourself afterwards, after giving your presentation, which he will evaluate with you.

Audience and participation
For Scientists, PhD-students and other scientists.

Joy Burrough
Adriaan van ‘t Spijker
Guido Jenster

Date, Time & Location
Joy BurroughT.b.a.
Guido JensterT.b.a.
Adriaan van ‘t SpijkerT.b.a.

Full participation is  1,0 ECTS.


Course fees:
If not otherwise indicated, Erasmus MC PhD courses are free for Erasmus MC PhD candidates and Research Master students who use them as electives. Erasmus MC employees pay €100/day. External PhD candidates pay €100/day. Commercial and other external participants pay €200/day. There is one fee for the entire course, there is no reduction for partial participation.

Cancellation policy:
Erasmus MC Graduate School charges a cancellation fee of €75 for all cancellations made more than 22 days before the start of the course. Fifty percent of the course fee, with a minimum of €75, is due for cancellations made between 21 and 10 days before the start date. The full course fee is due for cancellations made less than 10 days before the start date, or in case of no-show without cancellation. For Erasmus MC PhD candidates the full course fee in case of the cancellation policy will be the equivalent of the number of course days times €100. 

All invoices will be sent to the head of department or for external participants to the e-mail address provided upon registration. 

Those who register for a PhD course agree with these financial conditions.

Click here for details of programme This course is fully booked! You can still register, but will be placed on a waiting list.

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