Advanced course on Applications in flow cytometry

Location: Erasmus MC

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Advanced course on Applications in Flow cytometry

Flow cytometry is used by many different applications from phenotypical characterization of cell sub-populations, analysis of phosphorylated proteins, cell proliferation, cell death to detection of very rare cell sub-populations. However, each of these methods has its challenges. This course gives users with a solid knowledge in flow cytometry the opportunity to attend lectures covering many of these applications. Newcomers to flow cytometry are advised to follow first the introductory flow cytometry course.
These lectures are given by experienced users and therefore not only give an introduction into these applications but also suggest protocols, discuss challenges and solutions.  Participants have the opportunity to discuss questions and, most importantly, have a contact person if they want to use an application for their own research.

Day 1:
Introduction: best practice in flow cytometry
Multicolor flow cytometry

Day 2:
Proliferation and cell cycle analysis; Valentina Casa

Day 3:
Data analysis and software packages

Day 4:
Rare events
Cell signaling

Day 5:
Cell sorting
Clinical applications

Audience and participation

Flow Cytometry Expert Center in collaboration with MolMed 

Date, Time & Location 
T.b.a.: Department of Immunology, Na1202k, Online or ''Blended''.

Full participation is  0,5 ECTS.

Course fees:
If not otherwise indicated, Erasmus MC PhD courses are free for Erasmus MC PhD candidates and Research Master students who use them as electives. Erasmus MC employees pay €100/day. External PhD candidates pay €100/day. Commercial and other external participants pay €200/day. There is one fee for the entire course, there is no reduction for partial participation.

Cancellation policy:
Erasmus MC Graduate School charges a cancellation fee of €75 for all cancellations made more than 22 days before the start of the course. Fifty percent of the course fee, with a minimum of €75, is due for cancellations made between 21 and 10 days before the start date. The full course fee is due for cancellations made less than 10 days before the start date, or in case of no-show without cancellation. For Erasmus MC PhD candidates the full course fee in case of the cancellation policy will be the equivalent of the number of course days times €100. 

All invoices will be sent to the head of department or for external participants to the e-mail address provided upon registration. 

Those who register for a PhD course agree with these financial conditions.

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