Excel and Access Expert Day

Course date: 28 March 2019 - 28 March 2019
Location: Erasmus MC, Ee 15.28

Excel and Access Expert Day

This special day is meant for all, who followed an Excel of Access course in the past. The teacher, Carlo van der Zon, will give you individualized en specialized advices and answers on your questions. Also when you come with large datasets etc.

-Trouble with charts? Need a difficult lookup function?
-Need to  work on a ready built Access database.
-You want your data migrated from Excel to Access?
-Need some macro’s? or VBA

Do you have any specific questions about Excel Spreadsheets and/or Access Databases?

On Thursday March 28th you’re invited to bring your challenges and together with me, Carlo van der Zon explore and work on the solutions.

Please feel free to email carlo@xsit.nl, and get your timeslot (appr. 1 hour sessions ) on March 28th

NOTE: This day is NOT meant for those who did not follow one or more of our courses. We will not explain the basic & advanced knowledge that is already covered in the courses.









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