Hands-on Training: Getting your PhD done with Outlook and OneNote (Morning)

Course date: 17 January 2022 - 31 January 2022
Location: Online Teams

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NB. This course will be given online via Teams.

Hands-on Training:
Getting your PhD done with Outlook and OneNote

This workshop consists of two sessions and is intended for PhD students who want to adopt an efficient workflow and who want to use Microsoft Outlook and OneNote to organize e-mail, to-dos, literature and notes related to your PhD project efficiently.

Finishing your PhD project in time is no easy task. You have a variety of tasks on your plate such as performing experiments, analyzing data, studying literature and writing articles. Maybe you have additional tasks such as writing grant proposals, educating students or performing clinical work in case you are a medical doctor. Every now and then you may feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to do, and you may find it difficult to prioritize and plan your work.

In this workshop you will learn to organize your work in such a way that you keep the overview over everything that is going on. You learn how to get email under control and to make a to-do list in Microsoft Outlook that works for you. In OneNote you will organize your project notes, relevant literature and documents related to your PhD project.

As soon as you have adopted a more efficient workflow and have a better overview, you will notice that you can prioritize more easily and that you can work on your PhD project more effectively.

Contents of the training
In the first session you will work in your own Erasmus MC Outlook inbox to clean up your inbox and to rearrange your email archive. You will practice searching email in different ways. You will learn how to process email effectively end how to translate the contents of an email into goals that you want to achieve and into actions that are needed to achieve these goals. The result: an empty inbox every day and a clear overview over the emails that require action.

In addition, you will learn how to achieve overview over your projects and required actions with Outlook and/or with Microsoft OneNote.

In the second session you will work with Microsoft OneNote, OneNote is a digital notebook which you can use to make project and meeting notes and to organize project-related documents such as pdfs, Word, Excel files or lab results in one central place.

Course objectives

  • Adopt a more efficient workflow in order to get more in control over your work.
  • Process emails efficiently, have a better overview and spend less time on e-mail
  • Achieve overview over your projects and actions
  • Prioritize and plan your PhD work more easily
  • Archive and search pdfs of relevant literature in Microsoft OneNote

        Renée Niessen, RCN Advies & Training (workflow management, Outlook)
        Carlo van der Zon, Access It Trainingen (Outlook, OneNote)

The training is in English!  

Time, Date & Location
Monday 17 January 2022           9.00-12.30     Teams
Monday 31 January 2022           9.00-12.30     Teams

Full participation is 0,3 ECTS. 


Course fees:
If not otherwise indicated, Erasmus MC PhD courses are free for Erasmus MC PhD candidates and Research Master students who use them as electives. Erasmus MC employees pay €100/day. External PhD candidates pay €100/day. Commercial and other external participants pay €200/day. There is one fee for the entire course, there is no reduction for partial participation.

Cancellation policy:
Erasmus MC Graduate School charges a cancellation fee of €75 for all cancellations made more than 22 days before the start of the course. Fifty percent of the course fee, with a minimum of €75, is due for cancellations made between 21 and 10 days before the start date. The full course fee is due for cancellations made less than 10 days before the start date, or in case of no-show without cancellation. For Erasmus MC PhD candidates the full course fee in case of the cancellation policy will be the equivalent of the number of course days times €100. 

All invoices will be sent to the head of department or for external participants to the e-mail address provided upon registration. 

Those who register for a PhD course agree with these financial conditions.



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