Please find below a list of upcoming organized by MolMed. For more information about a course click on the name. When applicable, you can retrieve the registration form by clicking on the link in the information page.

  Upcoming - exact starting date not known yet
Expected starting date
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 Workshop for PhD-students and other researchers
Training ‘Online meetings – how to make them more effective and keep the energy flowing’
Career Development workshop: How to prepare yourself for Career Outside Academia
Excel PowerQuery, Online Course
Advanced course on Applications in flow cytometry
Biomedical English Writing Course for MSc and PhD students, Online Course
Data analysis in Python Basic
Basic Introduction course on SPSS
Hands-on Training: Getting your PhD done – with Outlook and OneNote
Hands-on Training: ‘Organize your work and yourself’– with Outlook and OneNote
Personal Leadership & Communication for PhD students and Post Docs
PowerApps: App in a day! Online Course
OneNote Organize your digital information, Online Course
Word Advanced: Create (large) documents the right way! Online Course
PowerPoint Tricks you didn’t know, Online Course
Workshop on Audit Trail in MS Access
Workshop Microsoft Access 2016: Advanced, Online Course
Workshop Microsoft Access 2016: Basic, Online Course
Hands-on Training: ‘Organiseer jezelf en je werk’– met Outlook en OneNote
Workshop Microsoft Excel 2016: Advanced, Online Course
Workshop Microsoft Excel 2016: Basic, Online Course
Excel Visual Basic, Online Course
Basic and Translational Oncology
Data Analysis with Python Hackathon
Machine Learning using Python
Basic Human Genetics course: Genetics for Dummies
FlowJo: High dimensional analysis of flowcytometry data
Galaxy for NGS
SCORE PhD course: Stem Cells, Organoids and Regenerative Medicine  
Two-days Course Bayesians statistics and JASP: Basic & Advanced
Workshop presenting skills for PhD students and Post Docs
SNP Course XVII: SNPs and Human Diseases
Workshop on How to Design and Pitch a Good Poster
Introduction in Graph Pad Prism
Basic course on R
NGS in DNA Diagnostics Course
Advanced Immunology
Annual Course on Molecular Medicine
QIAGEN / CLC Training/ TranSYS IPA Training
Course in Virology
Workshop “ Molecular aspects of Hematological Malignancies''
Follow-up Photoshop and Illustrator CC 2021 Workshop for PhD-students and other researchers
Fenotypische interpretatie van de antimicrobiële gevoeligheidsbepaling
Course Biomedical Research Techniques
Survival Analysis Course
Course Microbiomics I
Translational Imaging Workshop by AMIE ‘From mouse to man’
Workshop on InDesign CC 2021 for PhD-students and other researchers
Photoshop and Illustrator CC 2021 Workshop for PhD-students and other researchers
Course on Molecular Diagnostics XII
Microscopic Image Analysis: From Theory to Practice
Ensembl Workshop
Workshop Writing Successful Grant Proposals
Course and Workshop Basic and Translational Endocrinology
Gene expression data analysis using R: How to make sense out of your RNA-Seq/microarray data

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