Previous Department Lectures

Please find below a list of previous Department Lectures organized by MolMed. Abstracts and/or powerpoint presentations when available can be retrieved by clicking on the course title.

  Department Lectures title Date  
Erasmus MC Transplantation Seminar Series
Mini-symposium: MicroRNAs, inflammation, immune defense, metabolic syndrome and diabetes
JNI Oncology Lectures 2015-2016
Erasmus Hematology Lectures 2015-2016
Erasmus Hematology Lectures: EXTRA Lecture
Erasmus Hematology Award Lecture 2015
EXTRA Hematology seminar 2015
Erasmus MC Lecture Series on Endocrinology 2015
Fifth Josephine Nefkens Prize ceremony  
100TH Year Daniel den Hoed Symposium: Cancer Research and Clinical Care: The Next 100 Years!
Seminar of Dr Annemiek Beverdam: Yap activates beta-catenin in murine epidermal stem/progenitor cell proliferation
Viroscience Seminar: Generation and characterization of influenza A viruses with altered polymerase fidelity
JNI Oncology Lectures 2014-2015
Erasmus Hematology Lectures 2014-2015
Immunology Seminar: Utility of flow cytometry in systemic mastocytosis
Seminar Dr Mikhail Matrosovich: What adaptive changes in the HA and NA are required for the emergence of pandemic influenza viruses?
Hematology Lectures: Extra Lecture
Viroscience Seminar: Oncolytic Virotherapy for brain tumors
Hematology Lectures: Extra Lecture  
Immunology Seminar: Treating inflammation by blocking Interleukin 1 in a broad spectrum of diseases
Viroscience Seminar: Anticipating and Predicting the Next Pandemic  
Visualising RNA molecules with single copy sensitivity with RNAscope  
Enodcrinology Lecture  
Erasmus MC Lecture Series on Endocrinology 2014
Viroscience Lab Minisymposium
Minisymposium B or T Cells in Auto-immune Disease: Who are the bad guys?
Erasmus MC Liver Day
Erasmus Hematology Lecture
Endocrinology Lectures 2013
NBIC PhD course Protein Structures, prowess, power, promises, and problems  
JNI Oncology Lectures 2013-2014
JNI Oncology Lecture K. Jones
Erasmus MC Immunology:Immunobiology of primary antibody deficiencies
Extra Hematology Lecture
Viroscience Lab Seminar: Malleable Influenze Viruses
Hematology Lectures 2013 - 2014
Erasmus MC Lecture Series on Endocrinology
Johan Neyts seminar
Invited Lecture: Image Processing in Clinical Oncology
Extra Seminar Shaping up a blood cell lineage: Lessons from B-cell development
Erasmus MC Lecture Series on Endocrinology
Erasmus MC Lecture Series on Endocrinology
Presentation Nateetip Krishnamra
Erasmus MC Lecture Series on Endocrinology
T cell Consortium Meeting
Department of Virology Seminar
Lecture on Maintenance of bone integrity by novel molecular networks in health and disease  
Erasmus MC Lecture Series on Endocrinology
Seminor Prof.dr. Fran van Kuppeveld: Picornavirus replication and antiviral drug development
Erasmus MC Lecture Series on Endocrinology
Symposium for Dissertation